Why Kish-e-Mehr?


Why are Kish-e-Mehr English Language Institutes known to be the best centers of English learning in Qazvin?

Scientific and realistic approach to language teaching and teacher training taken from the most efficient scientific and practical methods of teaching provided the highest quality education to learners and has led to an unparalleled success in this institute. Other services provided by the institute are as follows:

* Issuance of certificate of completion for the courses like: YLE - KET - PET- FCE- IELTS – TTC

* Providing qualified teachers for institutions, organizations, businesses and factories.

* Providing educational and scientific consulting run by educational experts at different levels.

* Recruitment and training of language teachers by leading experts.

*  Running skill courses in four levels.

* Running exclusively reading and writing skill courses at four levels.

* Presenting coherent, systematic and efficient teaching system.

* Running classes with highly qualified and motivated teachers.

* Establishing four specialized departments for each of the groups, namely, Adults, Teenagers and Kids.

* Systematic and efficient administration

* Running specialized courses in English

* Practical and Intensive courses

* Granting Formal degree to learners

* Wide-ranging and up to date resources

* Counseling programs for language learners

* Beautiful surroundings, quiet and very well equipped for training

* Large classes

* Various international Tests.

* Constant quality control.

* Considering 50 percent discount for top students in KET-PET-and FCE.

* Running classes outside the center (especially for public and international companies).

* Providing an opportunity for IELTS top students to teach in the institute after completing TTC successfully.

* Checking final test results via the site (soon).

* Download link of books suggested by education experts to enhance your English language and skills (soon)

* Classes with a maximum 20 students