Educational Regulations

Kish-e-Mehr English Language Institute Rules and Regulations

Hereby we notify that Kish-e-Mehr English Language Institute has always made its priority to provide the best service to learners and costumers in general and strived to run a peaceful atmosphere which is filled with mutual respect. In order to realize these goals, suggestions and proposals from all our audience would be greatly appreciated. Furthermore, due to prominance of discipline in educational centers and necessity of observing certain codes, hereby the rules and regulations of Kish-e-Mehr English Language Institute are offered as follows:

1. All students are required to observe order and discipline in the class, office and corridors. If any student didn’t respect the above mentioned rules, they would be excluded for at least one term.

2. All the cellphones must be switched off in the class.

3. Decisions made by Kish-e-Mehr think-tank about book change, time change, and students’ classification according to the course books are mandatory. Other possibilities can be proposed in black and white to be analyzed in the Kish-e-Mehr think-tank accordingly.

4. As all personnel of Kish-e-Mehr are very attentive and friendly to our customers, any disrespect from students or their parents would lead to ban from studying in this institute.

5. Observing the dressing code is mandatory and all students are obliged to follow.

6. Any delay in attending the class and leaving early would only be possible after permission from the office personnel.

7. Missing not more than three sessions from each term is allowed.

8. Passing score is 70 for adult and teenager courses while it is 80 for Kids.

9. Taking the test according to the schedule announced by the office is mandatory.