A Guide to the Exams

Kish-e-Mehr English Institute runs the following tests:


Kish-e-Mehr English Institute runs the following tests:

1. Placement Test:

This test is designed to identify students' knowledge skills and abilities, and considering their age and occupation, place them the right level and course. There are two modules in this test:

  • A written test
  • An interview


2. Final Exams:

There are three papers in final exams. First, a listening test will be administered in the last session of each semester. Then, there is a Written test. Finally, students are interviewed to evaluate their communicative competence. For some tips on the speaking exam, please check the following link. 

Interview Guide

3. Verbal Skills

Kish-e-Mehr English Institute runs termic vocabulary quizes so as to improve the lexical skills of the students. These exams are given as end of each semester (Quiz 1, 2, 3).

4. Stage Verbal Exams:

These comprehensive tests are given at the end of each stage, and at the beginning of the first semester of a new level. Students are required to pass at least two of these tests to be issued a certificate. Please notice the charts below for more information:

Table 1. Verbal Skills for Adults

Table 2. Verbal Skills for Teens

5. Cambridge Exams:

Upon students' request, a mock test of the cambridge exams including KET, PET, FCE is administered. In addition, IELTS is a definitive element of Kish-e-Mehr and students are successfully parepared to take a mock test before they sit the real test. For more information on each test, visit the following links.




Common European Framework Main Suite Guided Learning Hours (from beginner level)

C2 Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) - approx. 1,000—1,200
C1 Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) - approx. 700—800
B2 First Certificate in English (FCE) - approx. 500—600
B1 Preliminary English Test (PET) - approx. 350—400
A2 Key English Test (KET) - approx. 180—200

Typically, candidates spend three years studying following a Pass at Cambridge English: First before attempting the Cambridge English: Proficiency examination.