Project (4th Edition) Oxford

Hey There! does the simple things exceptionally well.
Hey There! is a four-level English language course for teenagers. Hey There! ensures a successful classroom through –

  • Ongoing self-assessment to monitor student progress.
  • Topics and research activities that connect the classroom to real life.
  • Cross-curricular topics that link English to other content areas.
  • Readings on various cultures.
  • Practical writing rules that students immediately apply.
  • Final task activities that personalize and extend learning outside the classroom.
  • A variety of fun activities, games, and puzzles.
  • Engaging project-based song activities.
  • A comprehensive grammar reference section for self-study.
  • Interactive student CD-ROMs.

Project Word Bank

Learning vocabulary is a very important part of learning English, and the need for active vocabulary practice is paramount. This book has been written to help you learn new vocabularies that are presented in the Project series 1-4 (4th Edition), practice using them, and improve your vocabulary-learning skills. Every new word or phrase has a simple definition or explanation of what it means and is used in a sentence. In addition, other lexical features such as pronunciation and parts of speech are also included. The book has been written so that you can use it yourself, without a teacher. To achieve the most, it is a good idea to study each unit before and after the teacher covers them. You are also advised to revise what you've learned periodically.

The first book in the series is intended for basic students studying Project 1 and 2. The second word bank corresponds to Project 3 and 4 and is intended for elementary learners.